The 'What a Way to Go-Go club was an adults-only discotheque located at 222 Glover Avenue in Gotham City. Although a thriving business in its own right (Batman claimed it was "the favorite haunt of high society"), it turned out to be a front for the criminal activities of the Riddler and the Molehill Mob.

Known InformationEdit

The club was staffed by members of the Molehill Mob, most notably the Mob's Boss Harry. The Mob's moll Molly often sat at the bar as a distraction.

After being presented a subpoena for false arrest by the Riddler, Batman and Robin discovered hidden printing on the document spelling out two riddles that led the Dynamic Duo to the address of 222 Glover Avenue. The heroes drove the Batmobile to the club, where Robin was denied entry due to his young age. After suggesting he monitor Batman via Batscope, Robin parks the car in the club's lot, while Batman entered and proceeded to the bar, ordering an orange juice. Molly delivered a riddle to Batman, while Harry delivered a drugged O.J. to the Dark Knight. Batman drained the drink, then accepted Molly's offer to dance. His inhibitions somewhat loosened by the mickey in his juice, he accepted, dancing the Batusi with her before collapsing from the drug's effects.

Outside the club, Riddler ambushed Robin via anesthesia dart. He then tried to steal the Batmobile, but was foiled by the "ANTI-THEFT ACTIVATOR" disguised as the vehicle's Start Button. He then tried to torch the car with an incendiary, but was again stymied by the vehicle's "Batostat Anti-Fire Activator" which extinguished the grenade. Riddler and the Mob abscond the unconscious Robin and flee via a hidden manhole in the parking lot. Batman tries to pursue in the Batmobile, but nearby police officers prevent him from driving in his drugged condition. As Batman laments on the whereabouts of his junior partner, the officers see the Bat-Signal lit in the sky, but decide not to let the Caped Crusader know in his distressed state.


  • The club made its one and only appearance in Hi Diddle Riddle, the pilot episode of the series.
  • Although not mentioned by name, the club is also referred to by address in both Screen Test films done for the series.

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