The Mad Hatter
The Mad Hatter

Real Name:

Jervis Tetch


Portrayed by:

David Wayne


The Thirteenth Hat
Batman Stands Pat
The Contaminated Cowl
The Mad Hatter Runs Afoul

"This phase of my career will never be over, until I have The Caped Crusader's cowl safely in my custody!"
―The Mad Hatter[src]

The Mad Hatter, who's name is Jervis Tetch appeared in four episodes of the television series in the first and second seasons. All his crimes revolved around hats. He was played by David Wayne He was Also Clock Kings Brother.


  • Super Instant Mesmerizer - This is concealed in his top hat. Pressing a button, two eyes appear at the top of the hat and hypnotize people to do what he wishes.
  • Assorted machinery at his hat factory, including a hat stretcher and a vat of shrinking solution.

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