General Information
Real name: Dick Grayson
Aliases: Robin, The Boy Wonder
Portrayed by: Burt Ward
Appearances: 120 Episodes

"Holy Guacamole Batman!"

Robin is Batman's trusty sidekick. His civilian identity is that of Dick Grayson, the youthful ward of millionaire Bruce Wayne. He resides in stately Wayne Manor with his aunt, Harriet Cooper and the Wayne's butler, Alfred.


Robin's origin was never discussed in the series, but it is assumed that Dick lost his parents at some point in his childhood and was adopted by Bruce Wayne. It is possible that Robin worked as a circus acrobat by the look of his costume.

Fighting crimeEdit

Robin spends his young adult years fighting the colorful criminal underworld of Gotham City, along with Batman and the Gotham City Police Department. He spends his off time studying a wide variety of subjects with Bruce or socialising with the countless visitors at Wayne Manor.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Robin was played by actor Burt Ward.



External linkEdit

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