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The Riddler

Real Name:

Edward Nigma


The Prince of Puzzles

Portrayed by:

Frank Gorshin (Seasons 1 & 3, The Movie + Legends of the Superheroes + {{Return to the Batcave}] +tv land commercials]])John Astin (Second Season)}} Appearances: = Hi Diddle Riddle/Smack in the Middle
A Riddle a Day Keeps the Riddler Away/When the Rat's Away the Mice Will Play
The Ring of Wax/Give 'Em the Axe
Death in Slow Motion/The Riddler's False Notion
Batman's Anniversary/A Riddling Controversy
Ring Around the Riddler


"Question: What does no man want to have, yet no man wants to lose?"
"Answer: A lawsuit.
―The Riddler[src]

The Riddler is an infamous Gotham City criminal and one of Batman's greatest foes. He is a masked man in a bright green spandex costume that commits various bizarre crimes and leaves riddles leading to his next crime.


Riddler is a cackling, clue-dropping criminal. He delights in challenging Batman and Robin with his puzzles that he leaves at every scene of a crime. Although he was a high school dropout, Riddler is still highly intelligent and is able to leave riddles difficult to even the Caped Crusaders, which are often many-layered and contain several possible solutions. Riddler was the main villain of the first episode. He was also the main villain of the first comic, Riddler's Ruse.


  • United Underworld and the Legion of Doom
  • The Molehill Mob - Hired thugs for Riddler during his plot to steal the Moldavian postage stamps.
  • Harry (portrayed by Allen Jaffe) - Member of The Molehill Mob.
  • Molly (portrayed by Jill St. John) - Riddler's first moll.
  • The River Rat Gang - Comprised of Whitey (portrayed by Roy Jenson), Whiskers (portrayed by Tim Herbert), and Fangs (portrayed by Marc Cavell). They assisted Riddler in a plot to dispose of King Boris. They all love cheese.
  • Mousey (portrayed by Susan Silo) - Riddler's moll in The River Rat Gang. It is revealed that she dropped out of high school.
  • Tallow and Matches (portrayed by Joe E. Tata and Michael Greene) - Simple henchmen who assisted Riddler in a plot to steal Incan Jewels that will be destroyed if exposed to oxygen.
  • Moth (portrayed by Linda Gaye Scott) - His female partner during his plan to steal The Great Treasure Of The Incas.
  • C.B., Von Bloheim, Wolf (portrayed by Richard Bakalyan, Theodore Marcuse, and Burt Brandon) - Simple henchmen helping Riddler with his movie and help him with his plot to steal Mr. Van Jones' valuable collection of silent films.
  • Pauline (portrayed by Sherry Jackson) - Riddler's moll during his movie and his plot, but when she was spotted by Batman she tried to escape but Batman caught her.
  • Mr. Van Jones (portrayed by Francis X. Bushman) - collector of valuable silent films that Riddler wanted to steal.
  • Across and Down (portrayed by Jim Lefebvre and Ken Scott) - Simple henchmen who helped Riddler get Professor Charm's Demolecularizer.
  • Siren (portrayed by Joan Collins) She worked with Riddler.
  • Betsy Boldface (portrayed by Peggy Ann Garner) Riddler assistant.
  • Kayo and Cauliflower (portrayed by Nicholas Georgiade and Gil Perkins) Riddler thugs.

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