Molly dressed like Robin

Molly was one of Riddler's molls and a member of the Molehill Mob. She was killed in Batcave's Atomic Pile.

Known Personal HistoryEdit

Starting as "moll" to Harry, the head of the Molehill Mob, Molly quickly aligned herself with the Riddler when he recruited the Mob as his henchmen. She seemed to like the finer things in life, dining on caviar and champagne.

She aided the Riddler by approaching and distracting Batman at the What a Way to Go-Go discotheque, where she delivered a riddle and asked the hero to dance. This allowed the Bartender--another member of the Mob--to spike a glass of orange juice that Batman drank, causing him to collapse. Meanwhile, Riddler managed to shoot Robin with an anesthesia dart and abscond with him after failed attempts to first steal, then destroy the Batmobile.

Molly then assisted Riddler with making a mold of Robin's face. The mold was used to produce a very lifelike mask of the Boy Wonder for Molly to wear. Impersonating the younger of the Dynamic Duo, she accompanied Batman back to the Batcave, where she attempted to hold Batman at gunpoint. But Batman had seen through her disguise and burned the firing pin off of her pistol en route to the Cave. She fled, climbing the scaffolding to the Atomic Pile, where she eventually and inadvertently fell in to the Pile's core, killing her instantly.