Marsha, Queen of Diamonds
Marsha, Queen of Diamonds

Real Name:

Marsha Jackson


The Queen of Diamonds

Portrayed by:

Carolyn Jones


Marsha, Queen of Diamonds

Marsha, Queen of Diamonds is a villainess in Batman.


Weapons and EquipmentEdit

  • Cupid's Arrow- Used to make victims fall madly in love with Marsha after they have been shot.
  • Love Potion- Used to make the consumer fall in love with Marsha.


  • Aunt Hilda - Marsha's potion making aunt.
  • The Penguin - Worked with the Penguin on one occasion.
  • Grand Mogul - Marsha's henchman.

Known HideoutsEdit


Behind the ScenesEdit

A made for TV villainess for Batman. She was portrayed by Carolyn Jones.

See AlsoEdit

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