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Lola Lasagne
Lola Lasange

Real Name:

Lulu Schultz


Seniora Lola Lasagne
Lola Lasagne (the name is an alias)

Portrayed by:

Ethel Merman


The Sport of Penguins
A Horse of Another Color

"It's not baby, it's Lola Lasagne, Seniora Lola Lasagne that is."
―Lola Lasagne[src]
Lola Lasagne


Weapons and EquipmentEdit

  • Parasol- A flower patterned, orange, normal parasol.


  • The Penguin - She worked with The Penguin on one occasion.

Known HideoutsEdit


Season ThreeEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

She was portrayed by actress Ethel Merman.


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