A parodic facsimile of Batman's utility belt with a Joker image on the buckle. The Joker used this when he was with his first known moll called Queenie.


Tired of Batman always foiling his plans with his utility belt, the Joker made one of his own to store his own weapons and devices managing to temporarily outwit the Dynamic Duo. But his pride became his downfall when he switched an exact duplicate of his own belt with Batman's. Batman analysed it afterwards and found a cork filled with paralyzing gas that he intended to use to steal the steamship called the S.S Gotham. The Dynamic Duo took a universal drug antidote pill after discovering the Joker's scheme and fought the Clown Prince of Crime capturing him and his men. (The Joker is Wild/Batman is Riled)

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The idea of Joker making his own parody of the utility was first done in a comic book story that predates this appearance by a fair amount of years. The story in question was first published in Batman #73 in October of 1952.


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