The Following is a list of "Holy" words said by Robin during the course of the show

All information comes from 'The Official Batman Batbook by Joel Eisner'

(bear with me, as this will take some time to complete)


Holy Agility
Holy Almost
Holy Alps
Holy Alterego
Holy Anagrams
Holy Apparition
Holy Armadillos
Holy Ashtray
Holy Asp
Holy Astringent Pomite Fruit
Holy Astronomy
Holy Audobon


Holy Backfire
Holy Ball and Chain
Holy Bank Balance
Holy Bankruptcy
Holy Banks
Holy Bargain Basement
Holy Bat-Trap
Holy Benedict Arnold
Holy Bijou
Holy Bikini
Holy Blackbeard
Holy Blackout
Holy Blank Cartridge
Holy Bluebeard
Holy Bouncing Boilerplate
Holy Bowler
Holy Bullseye (used twice)
Holy Bunsons


Holy Caffeine
Holy Camaflage (used twice)
Holy Captain Nemo
Holy Caruso
Holy Catastrophe (used twice)
Holy Chicken Coup
Holy Chiliblains
Holy Chocolate Eclair
Holy Chutzpah
Holy Cinderella
Holy Cinemascope
Holy Cliche
Holy Cliffhanger
Holy Clockwork
Holy Clockworks
Holy Coffin Nails
Holy Cold Creeps
Holy Complications
Holy Consecration
Holy Contributing to the Deliquency of Minors
Holy Corpuscles
Holy Cosmos
Holy Costume Party
Holy Crack-Up
Holy Crossfire
Holy Crucial Moment
Holy Crying Towels (really??)
Holy Cryptology
Holy Crystal Ball


Holy D'artagnan
Holy Davy Jones
Holy Dead End
Holy Demolition
Holy Deposit Slip
Holy Detonator
Holy Detonation
Holy Deviltry
Holy Dilemma
Holy Disappearing Act
Holy Disaster Area
Holy Distortion
Holy Diversionary Tactic
Holy Diversionary Tactics


Holy Edison
Holy Egg Shells
Holy Epicure
Holy Epigrams
Holy Escape Hatch
Holy Explosion


Holy Falsefront
Holy Fate Worse Than Death
Holy Felony
Holy Finishing Touches
Holy Fireworks
Holy Firing Squad
Holy Fishbowl
Holy Flightplan
Holy Flip Flop
Holy Floodgates
Holy Floor Covering
Holy Flypaper
Holy Fog
Holy Fork-In-The-Road
Holy Fourth Amendment
Holy Frankenstein (used twice)
Holy Fratricide
Holy Frogman
Holy Fruitsalad
Holy Fugitives
Holy Funny Bone


Holy Gall
Holy Gambles
Holy Gemini
Holy Geography
Holy Ghost Writer
Holy Givaways
Holy Glue Pot
Holy Golden Gate
Holy Graf Zeppelin
Holy Grammar
Holy Graveyard
Holy Greed
Holy Guacamole
Holy Guadal Canal
Holy Gullibility


Holy H'Ordourves
Holy Haberdashery
Holy Hailstorm
Holy Hairdo
Holy Hallelujah
Holy Hamburger
Holy Hamlet
Holy Hamstrings
Holy Handywork
Holy Happenstance
Holy Hardest Metal in the World
Holy Haziness Holy Headache (used twice)
Holy Headlines
Holy Heartbreak (used twice)
Holy Heart Failure (used twice)
Holy Helmets
Holy Helplessness
Holy Here We Go Again
Holy Hiedelburg
Holy Hieroglyphics (used three times)
Holy High Wire
Holy Hijack
Holy Hijackers

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