Harriet Cooper
Aunt Harriet
General Information
Real name: Harriet Cooper
Aliases: Aunt Harriet
Portrayed by: Madge Blake
Appearances: 120 Episodes

Aunt Harriet Cooper lives at Wayne Manor with Bruce Wayne, Alfred, and her nephew Dick Grayson. She is completely unaware of their crime fighting lifestyle. Harriet is also a huge fan of Chandell.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Aunt Harriet was portrayed by actress Madge Blake.


  • Though William Dozier claimed that the character of Aunt Harriet Cooper was created for the series to prevent Bruce Wayne and Richard "Dick" Grayson from appearing to be gay lovers, since the 1960s were still a time marked by homophobia to a degree, she was actually created for the DC Comics, in 1964, to give Bruce and Dick a rationale for maintaining the secrecy of their dual identities; otherwise they could have lounged around in their Batcostumes, which would have undermined the drama in the Bat-Adventures somewhat.