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Dr. Harleen Quinzel appeared in Batman 66, the comic continuation of the show. She first appears in Batman 66 #3, where she works at Arkham Asylum. in issue 11, she is tricked into aiding Joker and Catwoman. Eventually, she saves Batman, but she ends up going crazy like Joker. She never officially becomes her comic book counterpart though.

Partners Edit

Professor Overbeck - Before becoming insane, Harleen worked with Professor Overbeck.

Joker - Harleen was Joker's psychiatrist. He and Catwoman were responsible for driving her insane.

Catwoman - She was partially responsible for driving Harley insane.

Batman and Robin - Before becoming insane, she often helped Batman and Robin. In the Eleventh issue of Batman '66, she saved Batman and Robin right before she went insane.

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