The Harlequin is the Batman '66 comic version of the mainstream Batman comics character Harley Quinn. The character, alter ego of Arkham Asylum's Dr. Holly Quinn, first appeared in her villainous version in Digital Issue #62 of the Batman '66 title.

Character BiographyEdit


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  • Dr. Holly Quinn first appeared in Batman '66 Digital Issue # 7, in the story "The Joker Sees Red". She becomes a main character in the storyline "The Joker's Big Show"/"Gotham Goes Ho Ho Ho"/"The Dynamic Duo & Batgirl Say Hello!" (Digital Issues #31-33) before losing her sanity and becoming Harlequin in "Night of the Harlequin" in Digital Issue #62.
  • The character began as "Harley Quinn" in Batman: The Animated Series as a new character created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm. She later became part of the comic book continuity in similar fashion to how she was introduced in the animated series. In that original established history of the character, Dr. Harleen Quinzel was the doctor who began studying and attempted to rehabilitate the Joker. Through his own manipulations of her emotions, Joker made Dr. Quinzel fall in love with him, inspiring her to create the "Harley Quinn" persona and become his on-again, off-again moll.

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