Clock King

Clock King

"You know Batman, some people kill time, but now time is going to kill you!"
―Clock King[src]
Clock King was a criminal. He wore a black cape and a top-hat with a clock inside it Hes The Brother Of Jervis Tetch Or The Mad Hatter.


Disguised as a pop artist, Clock King tried to rob a gallery of a time-related surrealist painting. Batman and Robin were stuffed into the bottom of an oversized hourglass, stripped of their utility belts, and left to be drowned in sand as The Clock King plotted to filch Bruce Wayne's collection of antique pocket watches (only for the duo to later escape the trap). Later he started his masterplan, to steal the atomic powered Cesium Clock.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

  • Super Slick Watch Oil -
  • Knock Out Gas - Knocks outthose who inhale it.
  • Giant Hourglass - Used to trap its victims (such as Batman and Robin) and suffocates them under the weight and amount of sand.

Known AssociatesEdit

  • Millie Second (portrayed by Eileen O'Neill) - Clock King's female assistant. She was very attracted to Batman.
  • Second Hand Three (portrayed by Michael Pate) - Clock King's henchman.
  • Second Hand Five (portrayed by Charlie Picerni) - Clock King's henchman.


Season TwoEdit

In Other MediaEdit

In an episode of Batman, The Brave and the Bold, the villains trap Batman in an giant hourglass, quoting "I hope Clock King doesn't mind if we use his hourglass." This being a refrence to when Clock King tried to trap Batman and Robin in a giant hourglass in the 60s TV show.