The Batman Theme Song is played before every episode. The only words are "Nana Nana Nana Batman!".

The song is animated instead of live-action.


The song was written in a surf rock genre by Neal Hefti specifically for the Batman: Classic TV Series. It has been covered by numerous bands since the show's cancellation in 1968.

Plot Edit

The song shows Batman and Robin fighting several criminals. Most of the crooks are just thugs. Joker, Penguin, and Riddler all appear. Catwoman also appears, however, she looks more like her comic book counterpart. Unlike in the show, she is wearing a mask. Clayface, a major enemy of Batman, also appears, despite never being shown in the series. This most likely means that the show's creators had planned for Clayface to appear on the show. King Kobra, a minor enemy of Batman, also appears, despite never actually appearing in the show. Both of these villains were probably planned for the show.


The theme has been covered by bands of all different musical styles. For example:



  • The Who
  • The Kinks


  • Prince
  • REM

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