The utility belt also known as the yellow Bat-belt is where Batman stores the weapons and tools carried on his person. The belt has four square pouches with buttons a the bottom, rather than the top. In between the pouches are four cylinders. The pouches and cylinders appear to be made of a yellow plastic material. The buckle is a square piece of brass decorated with a bat symbol.

Utility belts are also used by his partner Robin and his ally Batgirl.

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Standard equipmentEdit

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Mr. Freeze holding a version with extremely large compartments.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Prop designEdit

The utility belt made for the show differed from the comic book counterpart because it having pouches rather than small tube-like capsules. This was so some props could possibly be removed and stored in the belt.


The belt's functional pouches did not catch on in the comics until Frank Miller's Dark Knight comics. In the early 90's, DC made pouches standard for Batman's belt. The small capsule tubes are rarely seen in modern Batman publications.

The belt's use in the show greatly elevated people's awareness of it to legendary proportions and gave comically impossible expectations of its contents. The utility belt itself has since become a mythic fixture in pop culture rivaling that of even the Batmobile.



In 2013, announced plans for a utility belt replica that comes with a folding Batarang.

CY Productions ReplicasEdit

CY Productions sells screen accurate replicas of the utility belt. In 1989, Adam West had a belt made from CY Productions. The belts were used for the Return to the Batcave movie.